It’s quite common to get caught up in the romance when you’re getting married. I mean – why wouldn’t you!

Like kids in a candy store there is So.Much.Choice. So much so, we can easily get lost in the wedding planning detail. Choosing suppliers,  what colour knives and forks (I know – who knew there so many types of silver), the flowers, the fashion, the cars, even chairs and that’s before I have even mentioned wedding guest list management and family politics.

It’s no wonder so many wedding couples quickly move from the euphoric state into complete and utter overwhelm. We often see articles about the flowers, or fashion and make-up inspiration, but rarely about how to cope with the emotional aspects of planning a day. 

So that’s where I come in and I’ve conjured up 5 tips to help you manage the emotional aspects of planning a wedding.

Don’t panic & Delegate

Seriously. You have enough time, you will get it done.  

It is completely normal to feel wedding overwhelm and this has nothing to do with whether you want to marry the person you love or not. Planning a wedding alongside a job, parenting and well, just life, can be tricky business – even for the most organised amongst us. Yet for some reason, we feel compelled to take it all on and manage it ourselves. No wonder we’re overwhelmed. Prioritise the three most important things on your wedding to-do list first and get those done and seek support in helping you tick them off. Communicate what you need help with and delegate. Get a professional wedding planner to help and take advantage of friends and family too. People love to help and just because it’s your wedding day, doesn’t mean you need to do everything.


It can be easy to get distracted by the frivolity of planning a wedding, so much so it can distract you from the very real reason you are getting married in the first place;  to marry your soul mate. Sometimes putting everything into perspective and remembering your “why” can bring you back to centre.

Remember that out of all the other billions of people in the world you found and chose each other. That is actually a miracle; (especially after the stories I hear from my single friends about the woe’s of online dating) I defy you not to smile!

Step away from the wedmin

Sometimes taking a break from the world of planning is exactly what you need to get perspective and be inspired by outside influences. Wedmin tends to eat into all your free time,

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